Firearms department

Mr C Collins made this Freedom of Information request to North Yorkshire Police

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

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Dear North Yorkshire Police,

To whom it may concern I respectfully request the following information.

1. The email address for the person responsible for the firearms department. If this is not available please supply me with the department email address.
a. The name of the person in charge of the department.
b. the contact number for the department.

2. The email address of the person responsible for the Firearms registry department. If this is not available please supply me with the department email address.
a. Please supply me with the persons name who is currently in charge of this department.

3. The annual cost for the financial year 2018 for the firearms registry department. Cost of staff, alone no requirement for information regarding stationary, expenses.
a. the current number of persons employed within that department.

Yours faithfully,

Mr C Collins

Civil Disclosure, North Yorkshire Police

Thank you for your email, please treat this as an acknowledgement of receipt.

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of requests for information. We will endeavour to provide a response to your request as soon as we can.

Your email will be dealt with accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: If your query is to address an urgent safeguarding concern then please redirect your enquiry to the Vulnerability Assessment Team email: [email address]<mailto:[email address]>
The Vulnerability Assessment Team is available during office hours Monday to Friday.

Civil Disclosure Unit


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