Fire protection query

James othen made this Freedom of Information request to Essex Cares Limited

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Essex Cares Limited,

Who currently services your fire extinguishers?

How many do you have?

When does the contract due to expire?

Who is the responsible person?

Yours faithfully,

James othen

ECL Contact Centre, Essex Cares Limited

Thank you for your email.


If you are a member of the public contacting ECL we will respond to your
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For health and social care professionals needing to contact Essex
Equipment Services please redirect your email as per the below:


·         Essex Equipment Service Warehouse please contact
[1][email address]


·         Non Standard Equipment,
 [2][email address]


·         ATS and Adaptations, please contact
[3][email address]


·         Uniqus system issues, please contact
[4][email address]


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