Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The request was successful.

Dear Sir John Soane’s Museum,

1. How many fire extinguishers do you have?
2. Who services your fire extinguishers?
3. When is your contract for servicing due for renewal?
4. When are they next due a service?
5. What is the name and contact details for the person responsible
for the contract renewal

Yours faithfully,

Steve Hagger

Sue Palmer, Sir John Soane's Museum

Dear Mr Hagger
Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act. The answers are as follows:
1. 26
2. Morgan Fire Protection Ltd
3. 21 May 2019
4. 22 May 2019
5. Liam McCull, House Manager, [email address] / 020 7440 4260

Yours sincerely
Susan Palmer FSA
Archivist and Head of Library Services and Freedom of Information Contact
020 7440 4245 (direct)
[Sir John Soane’s Museum request email]

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