Fire at Archway Sheet Metal Works, Paxton Road, Tottenham, 25/11/2014

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, London Fire Commissioner (London Fire Brigade) should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear London Fire Commissioner (London Fire Brigade),

Please provide me with a copy of your Full Report on the fire at Archway Sheet Metal Works, Paxton Road, Tottenham N17 on 25/11/2014.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Burnham

London Fire Commissioner (London Fire Brigade)

Dear Paul


I am writing in response to your request for information which was
received by the London Fire Brigade Information Access Team on 10
September 2018 where you asked the following;


‘Please provide me with a copy of your Full Report on the fire at Archway
Sheet Metal Works, Paxton Road, Tottenham N17 on 25/11/2014’.


Thank you for your e-mail, I have looked into the incident (Incident
no.158222141) and what reports are available and as a result I can confirm
we currently have a ‘fire investigation summary report’ available. This
report succinctly details the most probable cause of the fire but does not
contain photographs. It may also provide some details of the circumstances
and investigative process that led to the conclusion.


Unfortunately these reports are not available to you under the freedom of
information act (FOIA) as they are considered a chargeable service and so
will incur a fee. As a result they are exempt via Section 21 of the FOIA -
Information accessible to applicant by other means. Regrettably this means
we cannot provide you with a copy of the fire investigation report (or the
information held within it) without payment.


Should you wish to purchase a copy of this report outside of the FOIA
please let me know and we will contact our fire investigation department.
Our fire investigation reports are currently priced at £100.


Please visit [1]here for details of the information we require when making
a request for any Incident reports. Please note if you are eligible for a
copy of the report we will need a full invoicing address (including
personal e-mail).

We cannot provide fire reports via the 'what do they know' website as this
is not considered a FOIA request. We will also require payment in full
before the report can be dispatched which once received it will be
dispatched at the earliest opportunity.


If you have any further questions regarding this, do let me know.


Kind Regards,


Clare Stockley

Business Intelligence


London Fire Brigade

169 Union Street  London  SE1 0LL

T 020 8555 1200 x 30428

E [email address]


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