Fines Related to Covid-19

Jonathan Moseley made this Freedom of Information request to Wadham College, Oxford

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The request was successful.

Dear Wadham College, Oxford,

I am requesting:
1) The total number of fines issued related to restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 (e.g. students exceeding household sizes, lack of social distancing, failing to wear a mask etc.) since 1 October 2020;
2) The number of fines broken down by size and type (e.g. suspended, part-suspended, or levied) as well as the total value of these fines;
3) Have any other forms of disciplinary action been taken (e.g. any form of community service, or warning letters being issued)?
4) How many students have been sent down* for Covid-19 related offences during this time period (*this includes any variation of rusticating, temporarily suspended, being asked to leave college accommodation or any other meaning of 'sent down')?
5) How much did the college earn through decanal fines in the same time period, last year.

Could you also break down this information into a termly basis i.e. the answers for the above in Michaelmas 2020, in Hilary 2021 and then a total for both terms?

If you need any clarification do not hesitate to contact me. Under section 16 of the Freedom of Information Act it is your duty to provide advice and assistance and so I would expect you to contact me if you find this request unmanageable in any way.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Moseley

FOI Officer - Wadham College, Wadham College, Oxford

Dear Jonathan,

Please see response to your Foi below:

1) 0

2) 0

3) A small number of students have been issued with formal written warnings or required to attend meetings with the College Dean.

4) Three students have been asked to vacate college accommodation for the remainder of term as a result of breaches of COVID-19 restrictions; in each case the student concerned was able to remain on course and study remotely during this period. Two of these incidents occurred in Michaelmas Term 2020 and one in Hilary Term 2021.

5) - MT19: £50 total
- HT20: £150 total

With best wishes,
Foi Officer

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