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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

What is the law and dwp rules regarding the new faj website that is replacing ujm.
Will it be mandatory for a jobseeker to register with the site.
I ask this because to use the site you have to sign away your privacy rights before you are let in.
So if it is mandatory with threats of sanctions if a jobseeker does not use it, then that would be against eu laws.
What will the universal jobmatch toolkit be replaced with.
If there are any rules regarding find a job could you send them to me.

Yours faithfully,
K Richmond.

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Frank Zola left an annotation ()

DWP ‘Find a job’ is mandatory for claimants?
“DWP staff will not have access to view jobseeker accounts, CVs or activity/application history”
It is unclear whether this just means claimants will be mandated not only to FaJ but other sites, or that a claimant would be able to avoid being mandated to FaJ by registering with and uploading their CV to “other” and “more appropriate” jobsites?

“Find a job or other jobsites
1. As part of making use of the resources available to them to look for work, we can
reasonably expect most claimants to make best use of Find a job or other jobsites.”
Source: DWP ‘05 Work Search Review‘ – accessed 15/5/18

Above is brief analysis and comments on these 'Find a job' disclosures @

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K Richmond
Please see copy of your FoI request attached
DWP Operations FOI Team

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Frank Zola left an annotation ()

DWP says:

"Claimants cannot be mandated to use the Find a Job website specifically.” [1] and “The recorded information we hold that supports this is contained in” FOI disclosure 2046 [2] of 15/5/18 as discussed in ”‘DWP ‘Find a job’ is mandatory for claimants?‘ [3]
Key words: “specifically” and “use”




Frank Zola left an annotation ()

DWP Minister: “Use of the Find a job website is not compulsory for claimants of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Universal Credit (UC)”