Financial Ombudsman has failed to provide accessibility to their correspondence

Currently waiting for a response from Financial Ombudsman Service Limited, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Elizabeth Taylor
data protection and FOI coordinator
Financial Ombudsman Service
Reference : 1551449

I am writing on behalf of Miss Hewitt.She has requested my help to write a formal complaint against the Financial Ombudsman Service.For failing to provide accessibility of your correspondence to her dated 23/3/20.

It is not my responsibility to provide accessibility or recognised reasonable service adjustments to Miss Hewitt on behalf of FOS. But the sole responsibility of the FOS.

Please provide a full response to Miss Hewitt's disability discrimination service complaints against the Financial Ombudsman for failing to comply with The 1998 Human rights Act (Privacy).It is against Miss Hewitt's human Rights to expect her to get accessibility/recognised reasonable service adjustments from a third party.When the FOS, has an equality and service duty.
Failing to comply with The 2010 Equality Act

Failing to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, It is against the Data Protection Act 2018 to not contact Miss Hewitt directly.

Please accept a formal complaint of failing to comply with a subject access request in the stipulated time frame.

The FOS are aware that Miss Hewitt is unable to access emails unsupported.Any further emails sent to Miss Hewitt from the FOS, that they have not provided accessibility to.Will be treated as further disability discrimination and breach of her Humans Rights.With complaints lodged against the FOS.

Written on behalf of

virginia hewitt

scrupulous Landlord left an annotation ()

I confirm that the Information Rights team should be able to answer this request because it is not a question about the handling of her her complaint that has been dealt with by the FOS.

My opinion, for what it is worth, is that Ms Hewitt should make a data subject access to the FOS to see if they hold any correspondence from Barclays Bank about her which may be the basis of a new complaint to be submitted to the FOS. Ms Hewitt should also make a data subject access request to Barclays.

You cannot use the WDTK website to make data subject access requests but the ICO guidelines should be the starting point.

Information Rights Officer, Financial Ombudsman Service Limited

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your email sent on behalf of Miss Hewitt.

I do apologise but I'm afraid due to current circumstances, I hope you can understand that we do not have any access to printers or any other facilities, so unfortunately we aren't able to send out any correspondence via letter for the time being. As the request was made on the 'what do they know' website, then we have to respond using this website.

To satisfy our legal obligations under data protection laws, please can you provide us something showing Ms Hewitt's authority for you to contact us on her behalf - such as an email from her personal email address or a scanned letter emailed to us, confirming that she is happy for you to deal with this matter on her behalf. We treat data security with the utmost importance, and the reason is we're asking for this is because we need to be satisfied that the person we are speaking with is authorised by Ms Hewitt to deal with this on her behalf.

Kind regards,

Anna Bourlet | Data protection and freedom of information adviser
Financial Ombudsman Service | Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR
Email: [Financial Ombudsman Service request email]

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scrupulous Landlord left an annotation ()

I have sent an email to Ms Hewitt and the Information Rights team confirming the scope of my involvement.

There appears to be a flaw in the WDTK software because our personal email addresses were revealed to each-other without our permission.

This is not a major concern to me but I am using a pseudonym in the public domain because I am investigating issues relating to fraud.