Financial costs and associated issues regarding GDC use of under-guise investigations/operations, by year from and including the date of formal GDC sanction of same, to date.

Currently waiting for a response from General Dental Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dominic O'Hooley

Dear General Dental Council,

Please provide full details in response to the following questions:

1 - By year, from and including the date of sanction of under-guise investigations/operations by the GDC. Please give the financial cost incurred directly from under-guise investigations/operations instigated by the GDC, or on its behalf.

2 - By year, as above, please give the indirect costs incurred by the GDC, to include, costs of compensation payments to registered dental professionals, legal costs and all other costs, as a result of the use of under-guise investigations/operations.

3 - Please tell me whether monies from the ARFs paid to the GDC by registered dental professionals, or registered bodies, were used for any of the direct/indirect costs mentioned in questions 1 and 2, above. If so, please divulge the percentage of the totally incurred costs used from this source, and any minutes regarding GDC senior team discussions regarding the use of ARF monies for these purposes.

Yours faithfully,

Dominic O'Hooley

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Freedom of Information Requests, General Dental Council

Dear Mr O'Hooley,

Thank you for your request for information, regarding Financial costs and associated issues regarding GDC use of under-guise investigations/operations, by year from and including the date of formal GDC sanction of same, to date.

Your request was received on 8 April 2021 and has been allocated to the Information Governance team to provide a response. We are dealing with it under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘the FOI Act’).

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Kind Regards

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