Dear Cheshire East Council,

Please can you respond to the following questions with regards to Finance Management Systems within your maintained schools:

1) Which Finance Management System do you use?
2) Do you mandate a particular Finance Management System to your schools? If so what system?
3) When does the contract expire?
4) What is the value of the current contract?
5) Please provide the name, direct telephone number and email address of the contact that manages the procurement process, when looking at Finance Management Systems for your schools.

Kindest Regards


CCR FOI Investigation Team, Cheshire East Council

Date: 5 December 2016
Our Reference: 527233
Dear Ryan
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Thank you for your request.
Your request has been identified as falling within the scope of Freedom of
Information Act 2000 and It will be treated as a request for information
within the meaning of the Freedom of Information Act: this means that we
will send you a full response within 20 working days, either supplying you
with the information which you want, or explaining to you why we cannot
supply it. 

The due date is 5 January 2017. If we need any further clarification or
there is a problem, we will be in touch. 

In the meantime please could you let me know your surname.  Section 8(1)
of the FOIA sets out the requirements of a valid request for information
and provides that a request must, amongst other things, “state the name of
the applicant and an address for correspondence”. The council is happy to
consider your request however in order to process the request in
accordance with the Act and the requirements of Section 8(1)(b) please
provide your full name. 
If you wish to discuss this further please contact me. It would be helpful
if you could quote the reference number quoted above.
Yours sincerely
Valerie Nelhams
Compliance & Customer Relations Assistant
Cheshire East Council
NOTE: Please do not edit the subject line when replying to this email.

CCR FOI Investigation Team, Cheshire East Council

1 Attachment

Date: 18 January 2017
Our Reference: 527233
Dear Mr Ryan
Thank you for your request for information.
Please find attached our response to your request.
Yours sincerely
Gill Clowes
Customer Relations and Compliance Assistant
Cheshire East Council
NOTE: Please do not edit the subject line when replying to this email.

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