Filton Avenue

Bristol City Council did not have the information requested.

Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

Dear Bristol City Council,

At peak times of the morning and evening, the congestion along Filton Avenue (particularly on the large roundabout near the MOD and along to the M32) is clearly at breaking point.

What plans does the Council have to alleviate the situation?

Yours faithfully,

Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

No Reply @ Bristol, Bristol City Council

Dear Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot 
This is a courtesy email to let you know your Public Information
Request has been received on : 25/01/2019. 
Your unique reference number is "CRN00210056 ". Please keep this
number safe, as you may be required to provide it in the future. 
If you need to add further information concerning your case or
require an update about your response date, please email
[cyfeiriad ebost] 
Customer Relations Team

"Customer Relations Team" <>, Bristol City Council

Dear Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot
Thank you for submitting your Public Information Request dated 25/01/2019. Your unique reference for this case is CRN00210056 , please use should you need to get in touch with us in the future. 
The details of the case raised are as follows

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"Customer Relations Team" <>, Bristol City Council

Dear Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

You recently submitted a Public Information Request. On reviewing
your submission we are unable to allocate your case to an officer for
a response until you provide the following further information:-

-          The section of Filton Avenue affected as it falls under
the remit of two local Authorities

-          The direction of travel (north away from Bristol or south
towards Bristol). The M32 can be reached in both directions using
either Muller Rd to the south or Station Rd/Filton Rd to the north

-          The point at which the congestion is – junction name or
description if possible

Would you please reply as soon as you can to
[1][email address]  quoting reference number

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

If we do not hear from you by 15/02/2019 14:45we shall consider your
complaint closed.

Yours sincerely

Customer Relations Team


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Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

Dear "Customer Relations Team" <[email address]>,

For clarification, I am interested in the section of road from the MOD/Sainsbury's roundabout down to the M32. Google Maps terms this as Filton Road. In both directions, as both can be dire.

Yours sincerely,

Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

"Customer Relations Team" <>, Bristol City Council

Dear Magnus Ponsonby-Talbot

Thank you for your email.

The section of the road in question does not fall under Bristol City Council Remit.   It falls under South Gloucester Council.

For more details on how to submit your request to South Gloucester Council, please follow the link below:


Yours sincerely

Customer Relations Team


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"Customer Relations Team" <>, Bristol City Council

You sent us a Freedom of Information request on 25/01/2019

Your request number is CRN00210056

Our reply to your request is:  

Bristol City Council do not hold this information. Please contact
South Gloucestershire council.

This response should answer your request in full.

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