files relating to PQs put to John Strachey, SoS War, 1950

Ministry of Defence did not have the information requested.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am undertaking research on the Anglo-American defence relationship during the early Cold war. I should like to request files relating to an incident of malicious damage by British troops to USAF aircraft at Lakenheath in July 1950. I should like to see any papers relating to this incident.

Subsequernt to the courts martial of the perpetrators, War Minister John Strachey fielded PQs from MPs Norman Dodds, Sir Herbert Williams, Sydney Silverman and others on 18 & 19 September 1950 (House of Commons Debates, 18 September 1950, written answers, cols. 183-4; 19 September 1950, oral answers, col 1697.) I should like to see files relating to the preparation of answers and any other aspects of this case, including the court martials and correspondence with the US authorities.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Ken Young
Department of War Studies
King's College London

tel: 0207-848-2708


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Dear Mr Young

Please find enclosed response to your recent request.


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Ken Young left an annotation ()

MoD referred me to the National Archives at Kew, although I'd earlier found nothing there. This suggests that no papers have survived in the UK. I have had similar lack of success in the US archives.