Fen Harvester, costs and impact

James Young made this Freedom of Information request to Broads Authority

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The request was successful.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to make a freedom of information act request for details about the Fen Harvester used by the authority.

I would like to know the total cost of operating the machine per annum,for the last 3 years, inclusive of operator wages, maintenance, transportation, fuel and all such ancillary costs.

Also please can you provide me with details of how much fen, and the location of such, that was cut with the machine for each of these years.

Lastly does the authority have, or have access to, any reports, current or historic, on the carbon footprint of the machine.

Yours faithfully,

James Young

Ann-Marie Bradley, Broads Authority

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Bill Housden, Broads Authority

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Francis Irving left an annotation ()

If you're wondering what the fen harvester is:

"European funding enabled the Broads Authority to develop a highly specialised mechanical harvester to cut fen vegetation. The special cutting machine, called the fen harvester, can cope with the wet, soft and uneven terrain of the marshes and does not cause compaction of soil. The fen harvester cuts down the fen vegetation and chops it up into small pieces. These small pieces are blown along a huge flexible pipe which transports them to a collecting trailer"