Fellowship Examination Questions

The request was partially successful.

Dear All Souls College, Oxford,

I write to request for all papers set for each Prize Fellowship examination, to be sent in reverse chronological order beginning 2010, for instance: all papers set for 2010, all papers set for 2009, all papers set for 2008, and so forth.

I additionally request for Prize Fellowship translation papers with unseen passages in modern languages, to be sent in reverse chronological order beginning in the last year in which such papers were set.

I would be most grateful if you would respond to my second request first, spending six hours or an amount of time necessary to send twelve modern language translation papers, whichever is less, before spending any remaining time up to the 18-hour limit on my first request.

Yours faithfully,
Theodore Liauw

Anne-Laure Guillermain, All Souls College, Oxford

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Dear Mr Liauw,

Please find attached the reply to your FOI request.

Yours sincerely,

Anne-Laure Guillermain



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