FELLING OF 19 MATURE TREES in Ashton Park, West Kirby, Wirral (NW England).

Currently waiting for a response from Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
Hundreds of people have now signed petitions objecting to a drastic tree felling programme being undertaken in the lower park, Ashton Park, West Kirby. The hundreds of signatories have called for a halt to the tree felling and removal of branches.
Please provide details concerning the qualifications of the person who authorised the felling of 19 MATURE TREES in the lower park, Ashton Park, West Kirby, together with the removal of branches from a further 24 trees.
In particular, what level of Arboricultural Association (AA) qualification was held by the individual concerned.
Was the individual concerned an AA Registered Consultant?

Yours faithfully,

Alan Rundle

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