FCA qualifications/training in assessing domestic abuse

Currently waiting for a response from Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Service

Please provide me with the following information under FOIA:

1. What professional “qualifications” do your FCA’s have to specifically assess domestic abuse ?

2. What “resources” do FCA’s use for “assessing domestic abuse” ?

3. What E Learning qualification does Cafcass FCA’s hold to make assessments on the 10 tools referenced in the “Domestic abuse pathway” ?

4a Do Cafcass FCA’s hold any nationally recognised qualifications is assessing domestic violence ?

and if so

4b. Please list nationally recognised qualifications FCA’s hold to assess domestic violence ?

5. Do Cafcass FCA’s use an “Evidencing private law or criminal law assessment tool” ?

6. Is the E learning module FCA’s of Cafcass have access to : Evidencing private law assessment tool :

a. Guidance for the FCA in assessing domestic abuse ?


b. A nationally recognised qualification in assessing domestic abuse ?

7. Who are the authors in the 10 tools in the Domestic abuse pathways and what nationally recognised qualifications does each author hold?

Yours faithfully,

Samantha Kerr

Governance, Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

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Dear Ms Kerr,


Thank you for your email.


Please accept this as formal acknowledgement of your Freedom of
Information request which was received by Cafcass on 05 December 2018.


Your reference number is CAF18-149.


We aim to respond to your promptly, and at the latest 20 working days from
receipt of your request. You will therefore receive a response on or
before 04 January 2019.


Kind regards,


Governance Team | Cafcass

* [1][CAFCASS request email] | ü [2]www.cafcass.gov.uk




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