FCA, MANAGER& CAFCASS customer services refusals to correct “factual errors & omissions” in a Section 7 report

Currently waiting for a response from Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service,

Please supply me with answers to my questions under FOIA:

CAFCASS complaints procedure 15.c states:

15. The customer service team is responsible for ascertaining from the service user, by phone full details of the complaint and the steps the service user wishes Cafcass to take. The team will then undertake an assessment to ascertain :
c. What, if any, “factual errors and omissions” can be corrected prior to the next hearing


1. What action do the customer service team take where the FCA has failed to correct factual errors and omissions before a hearing, after the manager was informed of the FCA’s professional misconduct and disability discriminatory behaviour ?

2a) Where the FCA has discriminated and professional misconduct reported, would Cafcass expect the same FCA to correct the factual errors or omissions would another worker or manager be allocated to remedy these ?

b.) Would the disabled person, who was the recipient of discrimination/ professional misconduct from the FCA be expected to have the errors/omissions by the same FCA they had complained about ?

3a)What action would the customer service team take where the FCA’s manager stated she had no diary time to correct factual errors and omissions before the next hearing ?
3.b)What action would the customer service team take where the manager ignored requests for reasonable adjustments to facilitate the correction of factual errors and omissions from a registered disabled person before the next hearing ?

4.) What course of action does a disabled person who is ill take when the customer services team “ignore” a written complaint that “factual errors and omissions” need correcting where an FCA and manager has failed to correct them and then Customer services conclude an investigation where they have only a partially submitted complaint , without taking action to remedy/correct factual errors and omissions.

5.) What action would a service user take where Cafcass have “mis-assessed” an incomplete complaint from a disabled person too unwell to submit it in full and abdicated their responsibilities under their own policies and procedures by wrongly concluding the concerns relate to professional judgement (because the complaint wasn’t submitted fully)and have to be drawn to the attention of the court ; where if they had waited for the complete complaint they would have come to different conclusions?

6.) Is Cafcass customer service team exempt from providing reasonable adjustments from a disabled service user to assist them submitting a full complaint or are they required to provide reasonable adjustments under 2010 Equality Act ?

Yours faithfully,

Victoria Soeder

Governance, Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

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Dear Ms Soeder,


Thank you for your email.


Please accept this as formal acknowledgement of your Freedom of
Information request which was received by Cafcass on 02 December 2018.


Your reference number is CAF18-143.


We aim to respond to your promptly, and at the latest 20 working days from
receipt of your request. You will therefore receive a response on or
before 02 January 2019.


Kind regards,


Governance Team | Cafcass

* [1][CAFCASS request email] | ü [2]www.cafcass.gov.uk




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