False arrests and assaults failure to investigate crimes, illegal bail conditions collusion abuse of power

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel, I am being harassed forced homeless assaulted and abused by hertfordshire police, no matter who I report to the police twice arrested me on false charges twice bailed me from returning to my owned property while letting the people who live at my address some unknown to me destroy my property sell drugs get raided commit ABH AND GBH yet are allowed to return to my property after arrest following search warrants and committing crimes?I have stated I am willing to go public with this and all evidence IOPC numbers crime numbers regarding this almost two year long persecution including being tasered three times in my kitchen for being assaulted then found not guilty in a court of law along with legal court documents stating I am allowed to be living at my property.

Yours faithfully,
Mr V Allen

Police and Crime Panel, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel

Dear Mr Allen

Thank you for your email.

The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel are only empowered to deal with complaints regarding the Police and Crime Commissioner (David Lloyd). Your complaint appears to be against the Hertfordshire Police force. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) are the correct authority to approach with your complaint. Here is a link to their website: https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk/

Kind regards

Nathalie Boateng
Head of Legal Services
& Monitoring Officer for Broxbourne & Epping Forest DC
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Dear Police and Crime Panel,
As usual as always you are all uncountable and pass the buck around and around hoping someone will give up trying, Sorry you are corrupt, David Lloyd thinks my assault and almost two years out of my property is funny I have his email response the gentleman is an imbecile if he thinks this and all my pointless correspondence with herts police will not be made public, you the police are abusing me, and you are not doing the job or up holding the law as you as crown servants are employed to do , NO your just making up as you feel and ignoring your duty and abusing me, forcing me to live homeless while you allow drugs and underage sex criminals weapons damage to my property all because you assaulted me in error, you are not the law that is made in parliament you are paid to uphold and enforce the law not tell lies and pass the buck

Yours sincerely,

virgil Allen

Dear Police and Crime Panel, can you please explain or reply to my request I regards to abuse assault abuse of power breach of human rights act illegal bail and false allegations and why you obstruct me cover your own failures and employ corrupt officers and let the do as they please to me without any action in regards to there failures to protect me a member of the public

Yours sincerely,

virgil Allen

Dear Police and Crime Panel,
NOT only have you breeched my human rights, failed to investigate your corrupt officers correctly or at all, you ignore FOI act requests and are now via the scorpion squad harrasibg my 16 yrs old daughter. There is no doubt that you are targeting myself and my daughter and one can only assume you have put a marker on my family which can only be due to your inability to perform correctly, your assaults on us and your officers and managers being unfit for purpose intended and or incapable to perform the duties you are employed to perform. HARRASMENT by crown officers as well as general public is against the law in the United Kingdom. I have all the evidence I need against your organisation and in my experience your organisation have no idea how to process information and evidence, I wonder if the media are as incompetent as you are?

Yours sincerely,

virgil Allen