Facilities to measure DEWs mutilation attacks against citizens or officers

Scottish Government did not have the information requested.

Joanna Iatridou

Dear Scottish Government,

What are the plans to build one or more facilities across Scotland to measure electromagnetic residue on the body from Directed Energy Weapons attacks in the street or at home. Most of the manufacturers that got such facilities are based in England. In Scotland, Maser rifles (electromagnetic plus microwave beam rifles) are being used freely. So, if an Officer or a citizen gets shot at the back of the head or the lungs in the street a) he cannot supply proof for the attack. The energy from the rifle will put him in serious pain for days if its at the back of the head,so he will betaking painkillers unable to obtain measures of how much radiation is stuck on his head or he will be incapacitated to stand up and walk for at least 4 days if shot in the lungs. Since the residue from Directed Energy Weapons is hard to wash away or shift from the flesh and remains measurable, when are you going to build a facility that offers measurement of these mutilation/incapacitation weapons attacks. At the moment the existing facilities in England were built by the DEWs manufacturers who use them for testing but do not offer measuring facilities to Police Officers or the public. The lack of this facility means abolition of article 2= Right to life and freedom from torture equally for Officers and Citizens. How is it that such a facility is not on offer and the right to life and freedom of torture were actually abolished?

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Scottish Government

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Dear Ms Iatridou

Please see attached response to your Freedom of Information request.


Jennifer Pasquill
Police Powers and Public Protection Unit
Scottish Government
St Andrews House
Regent Road
0131 244 2367

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Joanna Iatridou

Dear Scottish Government, Jennifer Pasquill,

thank you I will ask the ACPOS re precautions from criminal use of harmful frequencies. The same type of injury can be done with exposure by accident or at the workplace.
I will submit new question about this.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

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