Extrajudicial revenge by msleading the Public

Joanna Iatridou made this Freedom of Information request to Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

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The request was refused by Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland.

Joanna Iatridou

Dear Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland,


what is the internal investigation and prosecution procedure and what are the penalties when Police Officers, South Lanark local Police which goes under Strathclyde Police, respond with colossal misleading answers to a 999 call, to intentionally endanger the life of the caller and exact extrajudicial physical injury,torture and enforced homelessness.

I refer to 999 call in KFB, postal code ML9 11JS. Date 18 January 2009 (is there a record of that 999 call and any other complaints by that caller same address up to January 29 2009.) The summary of the 999 call was, that the caller had tried & failed to get the local Housing Council to take out of hiding from an "empty flat downstairs, two stalkers hiding there with DEWs described as beam weapons that shoot through walls,
The Police Officers from South Lanark who responded to the call, denied the existence of DEWs= LIE of first magnitude, officially the ACPO was studying and selecting the DEWs weapons range and the info is public domain, the six Patten recommendation reports, steering committee for public order weapons,less lethal options years 2000-2001. So, the South Lanark Police DENIED in 2009 the existence of DEWs that ACPO were buying in 2001 saying that DEWs are like aliens and UFOs, there are many websites about them but they don't really exist just like aliens, but of course we saw them in science fiction films.
There is no excuse for denial of DEWs and it endangers the life and health of the public plus, and makes it look like the public order weapons are being instead used for extra judicial torture and extrajudicial injury with complicity from the Health Protection Agency Glasgow who got the capacity to detect and meter such attacks with watts/per kilo weight electricity abnormal residue in the targets body.
Misleading members of the public about DEWs= non-ionizing radiation attacks, which are measurable by the HPA and calling them UFOs is potentially extrajudicial death penalty of the target.
Your prompt response about obtaining Justice is essential, no need to ponder a long time as I read the full 800 pages of the Patten reports, same as others in our community so, we know it all about DEWs by Police.
The question is Justice for intentionally misleading members of the public to cause them injury, disability, homelessness or death.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

Ms Iatridou

I acknowledge receipt of your email and advise it has been passed to the
relevant department.


Fiona Queen
Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland
Freephone No.: 0808 178 5577
Increasing Scotland's confidence in police complaints handling through
impartial oversight and reform

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Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

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Dear Ms Iatridou

Thank you for your email entitled `Freedom of Information Request'. From
this email I am unclear what information you wish to request under the
Freedom of Information Act. I have therefore endeavoured to answer your

"What is the internal investigation and prosecution procedure and what are
the penalties when Police Officers, South Lanark local Police which goes
under Strathclyde Police, respond with colossal misleading answers to a
999 call, to intentionally endanger the life of the caller and exact
extrajudicial physical injury, torture and enforced homelessness."

From the information you have provided I understand that you are unhappy
with the actions of Strathclyde Police. The role of the PCCS is to review
the way in which a police body has handled a complaint. It appears from
the information you provided that your complaint has not yet been dealt
with by Strathclyde Police through its own complaints procedures. The
PCCS can only look at a complaint once the police body concerned has dealt
with it under its internal complaints procedures. If you wish to pursue
your complaint, you should write to the Professional Standards Department
of Strathclyde Police. If, once Strathclyde Police has issued you with a
final response to your complaint, you remain dissatisfied about the way it
has been handled, the PCCS may then be able to look at your case. Please
find attached a leaflet with guidance on how to make a complaint about the
police and a leaflet that explains the powers of the PCCS.

I hope this information satisfies your request, but please do not hesitate
to get back in touch with me if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely

Sara Brodie
Policy, Performance and Research Officer
Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland

Increasing Scotland's confidence in police complaints handling through
impartial oversight and reform



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Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

The site is not letting me send through request for internal Review with no delays so I send it instead as a reply. New data from yesterday 8 July make it clear I had black operations done by Strathclyde Police officers (2 females) in their spare time, outside work with plain clothes already last year, maybe secretly from the Local South Lanark Police. Tolerating their game to play for time until they arrange some new calamity for me is too risky position for me.

Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

Dear Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland,

****I am requesting an internal review******

the site/electronic comm system is not letting me send a request or a reply, it is blocked,so I got to place it as annotation until the technical problems are handled.

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland's handling of my FOI request 'Extrajudicial revenge by misleading the Public'.
Strathclyde Lanark were telling me silly LIES, which is unprofessional and they were playing for time I trusted them for 10 days and got blasted with an ADS.


If I wait for them to do their duty, they might hit me again with this ADS and land me in Hospital for 2 months to treat heart-attack or cause me some other calamity,with physical injury, jail, blindness, enforced dissapearance,thuderbolt DEWs or harm/sabotage my ex-husband. Police officers in plain clothing from Glasgow-Paisley (2 females) had been stalking me in 2009 too, outside their work schedule, in KFB, I spotted them in uniform in Paisley, but they had been stalking me in KFB last year, so they were already recruited to do black operations against me in 2009 when I had not set foot in Paisley at all. it is unknown if they were doing this because of heinous allegations secretly databased about me, each time I go to enquire/submit a SAR, 3 tall police officers 2 males one female storm in for urgent public relations,they wear a dark blue distinguished quality uniform not the usual gear of Police Officers on the beat, concidence or not, I don't get disclosures) also I don't know if money/corruption plays a role too,the 1000-1500 a week informant payments I enquired to MPS and they NCND is just a weeks cash for local criminals and local gangs to harass me, it is unknown if much more serious money goes to specific PCs. Unfortunately i am on a hit list by the Church of Scientology since 1982, the amount of money spent on religion extremism and occult agendas of power by Scientology is astronomical, because of this hit list, both my parents were exterminated with high tech weapons as early as 1982-84 which were impossible to exist in Greece. Luckily the Greek Synod had similar attacks and black operations, no doubt middlemen CHIS and others means no proof regarding Scientology plotting the black ops.
Too high risk for me, to keep explaining and waiting for Strathclyde, I saw those former Sunday stalkers, female police officers yesterday in uniform, protecting the main guy of the harassment squad and realized that any more waiting, patience, interaction with Strathclyde or any further trust is HIGH CALAMITY RISK for me. My estimate is that solicitors cannot handle this, only tougher and higher Police ranks can check and straighten this black operation and any false data or big money factors in it.Only super cops can bust this black operation. The danger is that already Glasgow-Paisley Police Officers were doing black operations on my last year, may be secretly from the South Lanark local Police. Yesterday Thursday 8 July I spotted them in Paisley in uniform and black operations done by Police Officers is a too dangerous thing to allow to go on or delay in any way. This will not stop without super cops.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou