Extra civil servants as result of Brexit

Adrian Beney made this Freedom of Information request to Cabinet Office

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The request was refused by Cabinet Office.

Dear Cabinet Office,

Please provide information on how many extra civil service jobs have been created in central government departments as a result of the need to plan and negotiate the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.

Ideally you would provide the following data:

* Month
* Government Department
* Number of extra jobs
* The annual cost of those jobs

If the provision of such data would exceed the time limit on an FoI request, then please simply provide the total number of extra jobs created for each government department.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Beney

FOI Team Mailbox, Cabinet Office



Thank you for your request for information. Your request was received
on 25/02/19 and we are considering if it is appropriate to deal with under
the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

This email is just a short acknowledgement of your request.

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Yours sincerely,

 Knowledge and Information Management Unit

Cabinet Office

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FOI Team Mailbox, Cabinet Office

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