Dear Keele University,

Could you provide a list of any external reports that would give detailed accounts of how the Economics department functioned between 1979 and 1985?

Could you provide a list of any responses to student complaints about the department between 1979 and 1985?

If quick and simple - for example a cut and paste - you might want to add the text of the report or suggestion of where I could find it, just to save future requests and replies.

I understand that that colleges with government sponsorship and the right to award degrees had some system of external inspection at the time, which was flexible, often organised by the colleges themselves, and called something like quinquennial reviews.

I pick the date 1979 because I understand that Keele University contracted a lot in the number of students it served some time between 1979 and 1982, so I imagine that reports were written.

I also pick the date 1979 because a new government came into power in 1979 with very different monetary policies that effected
- the exchange rate and so manufacturing in areas near Keele where there was a lot of manufacturing until that time, and where
- changes in manufacturing employment effected people of student age more than most.

I pick the date 1985 because a professor of economics who was boss of the department retired in that year.


John Robertson

Freedom of Information Request [Keele], Keele University

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Dear John


Thank you for your email of 17th October 2015 requesting information
regarding the Economics Department at Keele University between 1979 and

I am writing to confirm that, in accordance with our Records Retention
Schedule, the University does not hold the information requested relating
to the specified time period. A copy of the current schedule can be found
on the University website at the following
link: [1] 

There may be some records still held in accordance with the Schedule that
refer to the subject matter requested however, these are held in paper
archives that can not be easily interrogated. Scrutiny of these records to
ascertain if they are relevant to the specified topic would exceed the
fees limit set out at Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Section 12- Fees Limit

Section 12 of FOI Act allows a public authority to refuse to deal with a
request where it estimates that it would exceed the appropriate limit to
comply. Scrutiny of the paper archives to identify whether any records
held relate to the subject of your request would significantly exceed the
appropriate limit, which is set by Government and is currently £450 for
universities (which equates to a limit of 2.5 days).

If you have any queries or if you are not satisfied with the response you
have received, please contact me in the first instance. If you are unhappy
with the way your request for information has been handled, you have the
right to submit a complaint by following our Complaints Procedures, a copy
of which is attached.


Kind regards

Laura Harrison

Governance Support Officer

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John Robertson left an annotation () is a blog post about Keele economics teaching during the 1980s recession.

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