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We are conducting research into the health economics' implications of expired equipment/drugs/consumables in the UK.

Medical products and devices all have an expiry date and thus cannot be used beyond this date. Examples are wide ranging including drugs, sterile gauze, central line sets, oxygen masks, endotracheal tubes, difficult airway equipment to name a few. Following expiry these items are discarded; resulting in a significant financial cost to NHS Trusts. Whilst some drugs to degrade with time, it is difficult to understand how a syringe can one day be sterile in its packaging and acceptable to use, and the next day not. We would like to know exactly how much medical equipment (including consumables and drugs) are discarded by your organisation every year (and each year since and including 2010) simply because of expiry/use by date. Please also detail the financial cost of this to your organisation. Please categorise these into consumables/equipment and drugs/infusions.

Please also detail any critical incidents logged at your organisation in the last 5 years relating to the use of expired equipment, and any directly attributable harm associated with this use.

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Dr D Williams
Prof Harish Vyas

Hobday Lucy (RQ3) BCH, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Freedom Of Information (RQ3) BCH, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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We are currently in the final stages of responding to your request, however need to gain executive approval before we do so. I would be most grateful if you could grant an extension.

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Freedom Of Information (RQ3) BCH, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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