Dear Police Scotland,

Could you please clarify Police Scotland view on person with following circumstances:

62 y.o. non-citizen of Latvia (“Alien”) lives in UK since 2007. As non-EU citizen, he has to extend his residency every 2-3 years, and as part of application has to send his passport to Home Office for 6-18 months. During last applications, his Latvian drivers license has expired.
Therefore, he is “catch 22” situation – license is expired and he is not allowed to drive, and he cannot fly to Latvia and get license changed because passport is held by Home Office.
- Latvian embassy does not change licenses, it must be done in Latvia, in their equivalent of DVLA, in person
- UK DVLA requires valid license to exchange EU for UK license, therefore this will not work either.

The question: what is Police Scotland view on this situation? How will this man be treated if stopped by Police while driving with expired license? Because technically he has passed test, got his skills approved by Photo ID license, had valid UK car insurances etc – it’s just card that expired.
Please advise.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Smith

Stirling FOI, Police Scotland

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Please see the attached response to your request for information from
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Dear Stirling FOI,

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Smith

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