Dear Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,
Please supply me with all recorded applications for spraying certificates under the AIR NAVIGATION ORDER, sections 129 and 131 - aerial spraying certificates - of Part 17.

In cases of experimentation one is obliged to obtain a certificate from DEFRA in addition to one from the CIVIL AVAIATION AUTHORITY and THE HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE.

Please ensure that all successful applications are included with names of companies and individuals as permitted by law.

thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

L : Turnbull

Helpline, Defra (CCU), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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L : Turnbull left an annotation ()

This is follow up to a follow up of an FOIR to the CAA regarding aerial spraying certifictaes issued under the air navigation order 2009.
Certificates must be applied for under sections 129 and 131 of the order, and must also be made to HSE and DEFRA if the spraying is experimental.

Youtube video footage of EASYJET chem trailing over uk skies is still available.
The website, in a post by musashi, contains a template complaint of PUBLIC NUISANCE to LOCAL AUTHORITIES who have the power and obligation to investigate public nuisance complaints and prosecute where appropriate.

A reply from the CAA shows that EASY JET HAS NOT APPLIED FOR OR BEEN GRANTED SUCH A CERTIFICATE.I am waiting for replies from HSE and DEFRA on the matter of applications for certificates. No certificate = a crime! Get to work!!!

A template complaint on the matter to CAA is also there.

Hope it helps you all. Be careful, my hard drive was "hoovered" out when I was working this stuff with CAA.

L : Turnbull left an annotation ()

I sent the template complaint to this e-mail address
This is the format of the complaint

"FCS 1520;
alleged breach of air navigation legislation

Sir, please treat this as a formal complaint.
I believe that EASY JET is in multiple contraventions of ANO
I believe that RyanAir is also in mulitple contraventions of ANO
This complaint is founded in YouTube video footage of these company jet aircraft discharging apparently aerosolised material while in flight over UK airspace.
See youtube video links listed below;
chemtrail de easyjet
easy jet airlines spraying chemtrails !!!
chemtrail easy jet flight LS775
chemtrails low altitude easy jet, al israeli n'co 30 08 2011
ryanair and easyjet co-opted & toxic sprays emitted from planes.

The following reply from the CAA to my FOI request is reproduced below. As can be seen none of these airlines have applied for or been granted an aerial spraying certificate. I am currently awaiting a response from both DEFRA and HSE in regard to certificates for experimental spraying and the separate permit required under the Chemical Regulations Directorate of the HSE.
MP Joan Ruddock (hansard 14/10/2010) described part of the chemical make up of these discharges and the Science and Technology Committee 2010.
That this is not a 'one-off' event is evidenced by the continued presence of exactly similar discharges daily seen somewhere in UK airspace.
I look forward to your confirmation of receipt of this information and your assurance that the appropriate action will be taken as required and indicated by law, and as per your published policy."

Sincerely, L. Turnbull.

Helpline, Defra (CCU), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Dear L Turnbull

Please find attached a response to your FOI below.


Defra Helpline

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L : Turnbull left an annotation ()

According to my oxford book of law DEFRA does have to be involved in certain aspects of aerial spraying. Same with other supporting reading matter.
As said in the original FOIR.
Why would they not retain this info?

One of the spray licenses issued was to the SOUTH GEORGIA HERITAGE TRUST, which is busying itself restoring that island to its former, pre-human condition. Why would they need a spray license to remove cats and scrap metal? I see it as part of the WILDERNESS PROJECT, preparing the land for the post depopulation cull which is running right now. Wolf packs released in Scotland. Brown bear and wild boar in the New Forest. Hedgehogs removed from Scottish islands and so on.

Dear Helpline, Defra (CCU),
I am surprised at your response to my request - that you keep no such records of spray licence applications. This does not seem correct or proper.
I include a quote here from the civil aviation authority with whom I have been exchanging e-mails on the subject.

The aircraft operator also requires a separate aerial spraying Permit, granted under the 
Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012, from the Chemicals 
Regulation Directorate of the Health & Safety Executive.   

Is the CAA wrong in this? Do you really keep no such records?

Yours sincerely,

L : Turnbull

Helpline, Defra (CCU), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Dear L Turnbull

Attached is a response to your FOI request.

Defra Helpline

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