Expenditure by St George's. Epsom and St Helier Trust (aka GESH) on defending claims made by Dr Usha Prasad

Department of Health and Social Care did not have the information requested.

Dear DHSC,

I am a colleague and former fellow cardiologist at GESH and I continue to support Dr Usha Prasad throughout her egregious trials and tribulations after the Trust dismissed her in 2020.
Please provide the following information: -
1. A breakdown of the total costs to date incurred in defending the case Dr Prasad brought against your Trust for unfair dismissal.
2. When were the Executive Team (CEO, Ms Totterdell and Board Chair, Ms Gillian Norton) informed of and asked to endorse the decision to pursue Dr Prasad for £180k of costs ?
3. Which law firms were paid to act for Epsom-St Helier (and GESH after the unification of Epsom-St Helier with St George's NHS Trust) in this case against Dr Prasad?
I look forward to your prompt response because medical careers and patient safety are at risk while these questions remain unanswered.

Yours faithfully,
Dr David E Ward MD
Formerly Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, St George's NHS Trust (1986-2016)

Department of Health and Social Care

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Dear Mr Ward,

Please find attached the Department of Health and Social Care's response
to your recent FOI request (our ref: FOI-1506268).

Yours sincerely, 

Freedom of Information Team
Department of Health and Social Care

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Dr David E Ward

Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

First, let me thank you for responding. I had followed your advice and contacted GESH directly for further information. I will add that previous approaches to GESH by conventional email to the CEO, Ms Totterdell, have met with no response, not even acknowledgment of receipt. Such is the disdainful attitude to these very serious matters. The Trust Chair, Ms Gillian Norton replied declining a meeting. This could be reflective of a general attitude to internal matters and public relations.
The response from DHSC (qv) included advice to contact GESH directly (doh!). As if I have not already done so! I think the word is "stonewalling", for which there must be an explanation. I suggest GESH does not have a meaningful answer.
Of course, I am documenting all the exchanges (if one could call them that) and will submit a question to the House of Commons Select Committee on Health and Social Care in due course. I am also in touch with the national press who I will keep updated on this matter.
As for my initial request, I would like a response which includes an explanatory answer.
I will cc this letter to Ms Norton and Ms Totterdell.

I'm not holding my breath but I am sharpening my thoughts.

Your sincerely,
Dr David E Ward BSc MD FRCP FACC
Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist

Dr David E Ward left an annotation ()

The DHSC advised me to make an enquiry directly to GESH (St George's) itself and this I have done today.