Dear Rural Payments Agency,
I made an enquiry in relation to a CPH number. ref Our ref: RFI 5482

The request was made in the name of R Crusoe who signed both messages to you.

For some reason you have placed the name B Ferguson in the enquiries.

Please either delete any reference to B Ferguson from the requests....and if you are not prepared to do this, please delete the entire post from your site.

Yours faithfully
R Crusoe

Information Rights Team, RPA, Rural Payments Agency

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18 June 2020
Our ref: RFI 5482
Dear Sirs,
Environmental Information Regulations – Further response
We refer to your reply to our response to the above request for
information, in which you said that your request (and your previous
request) and our responses had been published on our website under an
incorrect name.
To advise, we used the name/details that have been sent to us when making
the request which is presumably what was used during registration.
However, as we do not have any control over this information (as we do not
own or operate this site) unfortunately we are not able to amend or remove
the request for information and or details.
We recommend getting in touch with WDTK and ask that they remove the
Below is a link to their privacy notices and ‘your right to erasure’ under
the General Data Protection Regulation 2018
If you need further information
If you have any questions about this email, you can contact us by email
[3][Rural Payments Agency request email].
You can find more information on how we handle personal data in our
[4]Personal Information Charter and [5]RPA Privacy notices on [6]GOV.UK
Yours faithfully
Information Rights Team
Rural Payments Agency | North Gate House | Reading | RG1 1AF
Tel: 03300 416502 | Fax: 03300 416574 | Email: [7][email address]
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About this email
This email has been sent to you because the email address has been
provided to us. If you no longer wish to be contacted electronically,
please let us know. If you have done this recently please allow for this
to take effect. 
Please be on your guard against emails that request any of your security
details. We will never ask you by email to enter (or record) these
details. If you receive an email like this, you should not respond.
This email message is confidential and for use by the addressee only. If
the message is received by anyone other than the addressee, please delete
it from your computer. 
The Rural Payments Agency does not accept responsibility for changes made
to this message after it was sent. 
While all reasonable care has been taken to avoid the transmission of
viruses, it is your responsibility to ensure that onward transmission,
opening or use of this message and any attachments will not adversely
affect your systems or data. No responsibility is accepted by the Rural
Payments Agency in this regard and you should carry out appropriate virus
and other checks.


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