Ex police officers working at the IPCC

Tony Wise made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Office for Police Conduct

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Independent Police Complaints Commission,

I refer to the April 2012 Commission meeting. A Directorate of Investigations overview report was discussed at that meeting. The report indicated that 63 individuals had attended investigator assessment. Of these 63 individuals 14 were successful and passed assessment. Of these 14 no less than 12 (86%) were ex police officers. 7 of these indicated a preference to work in Sale. 6 indicated a preference to work in Wakefield and 1 one undecided.

Under the Act please provide the following information:

1/ From which forces(s) were the ex police officers who expressed a preference for Sale and provide the total number of ex police officers who opted for Sale?
2/From which force(s) were the ex police officers who expressed a preference for Wakefield and provide the total number of ex police officers who opted for Wakefield?
3/ From which force, if applicable, was the person who was undecided?
4/ From what work backgrounds were the remaining two of the 14 who were not ex police officers?

I am interested in this matter because I find it totally unacceptable that the IPCC recruits 14 investigators and 86% of these are ex police at an independent organisation that is statutorily charged with overseeing the police complaints system.

If the IPCC requires any clarification under section 1(3) please get in touch as quickly as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Wise

PS/ I was promised a full reply to a previous FOI response from a Phillip Johnston over six months ago. I still haven't received that response as promised. Can you please chase this up as Mr Johnston appears to be ignoring me?

Colin Woodward,

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[Subject only] response to foi request

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Dear Colin Woodward,

In my request dated 06 July 2012 I inserted the following:

PS/ I was promised a full reply to a previous FOI response from a Phillip Johnston over six months ago. I still haven't received that response as promised. Can you please chase this up as Mr Johnston appears to be ignoring me?

Can you please deal with this as the statutory stage of the request in that case is still outstanding after more than a year?

Yours sincerely,

Tony Wise

Colin Woodward,

Mr Wise

I have drawn to the attention of Phil's manager your comments regarding the previous FoI request and I have been told that this is being dealt with. I am unable to comment further in relation to that earlier request; my role in relation to your most recent request is to answer the question you raised.

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Dear Colin Woodward,

The problem mate is that he's been effectively saying that for about one year. And nobody at the IPCC, his manager included, has had even the remotest degree of common courtesy to acknowledge my comments or tell me that my request is finally "being dealt with".

Yours sincerely,

Tony Wise

Alison Davies,

Dear Mr Wise

I refer to your FOI request and your recent emails to the IPCC. I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the delay in completing your FOI request in a professional and timely manner. This was due to an oversight on our part.

At the present time, the request is being dealt with and I expect a suitable response to be sent to you by Friday 20th July. However, if there is any further delay, we will let you know.

Once again, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your request.

Yours sincerely

Mike Benbow
Director of Standards & Quality

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Dear Mr Benbow,

At first sight I am not minded to accept the apology because I am at a loss as to how this can be categorised as an oversight in view of the repeated reminders and the fact that these were regularly ignored.

Further the abject way that every time I reasonably asked Mr Johnston to respond was quite degrading. This went on for month after month as you know.

However being naturally conciliatory I will accept the apology and thank you for it.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Wise

Alison Davies,

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Dear Mr Wise

Please see attached our response to your FOI request, and please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

Yours sincerely

Alison Davies
Standards & Quality & Analytical Support Officer

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Dear Alison Davies,

Thank you for that.

Can you send the response to the original request point on the "whatdotheyknow" web address? I only sent information via the later request because I was being ignored on the original address.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Wise

Rob Willis left an annotation ()

This proportion of ex police officers being employed by the IPCC goes completely against the figures I was given by them recently in which they claimed out of 121 staff and Commissioners only ONE was an ex police officer?



Ms E Shaw left an annotation ()

I have been let down by Yarmouth/Norfolk Police on 2 major incidents, they failed to do anything and have
responded to letters in the most incriminating way after it takes months for the ipcc to investigate then appeal got no further instead referred back to the very unprofessional force who wrote "due to the time taken and no good reason given, it is therefore disallowed" do they think they can get away, with then saying im vexacious - oppressive - and repetitive, amongst other things, when ive been terribly let down by them. They then had the audacity to refer me to the Mental Health in Lytham - since losing my ptnr before Christmas im finding it very undermining and upsetting. The IPCC just don't seem to be in any way shocked or surprised by it, over-riding repeating what you have already done, it seems no one knows what to do with it or offending officers, namely PC Stuart Craig.

Ms E Shaw

Barbara Richards left an annotation ()

I have been treated in the same way by the IPCC, they referred my very serious complaints back to Stafford police who treated me with total contempt and pushed my complaints back under the carpet.

Oysterman left an annotation ()

" Myself and other advisors have conducted an examination of the police investigation and review commissioner "PIRC" and have found the following:

1- That the commission contains former police officers despite being a statutory body and retaining its own solicitors.

2 - Senior staff discussed with police a potential complaint against the police to be possibly reffered to them on at least one occassion and trafficed information of that potential complainant to police before that complainant raised an action against the police. PIRC did not share information given to it by police to the potential complainant in the same case.

3 - Senior staff of PIRC engage potential complainants in an "Interrogative" "Adviserial" manner and show signs of inducement.

4 - That Senior staff members at PIRC actively question those with learning difficulties with an aim of obtaining the name of there solicitor, possibly to provide legal advantage to the police or the crown.

5 - That senior staff do not have sufficient training per regards HM Equality Act of 2010, its 2013 amendments or HM Human Rights Act of 1998.

6 - That Senior staff are not versed in the Stephen Lawrence Protocol as set out by Lord MacPherson and supported by Lady Lawrence of Clarendon.

7 - That there have been a number of racism allegations raised against PIRC by ethnic members of the public.

8 - That there has been a disability discrimination allegation raised against PIRC by a member of the public.

9 - That there have been corruption allegations raised against PIRC by the public."


We are having the same trouble up North, turns out its just the government protecting the government for the government sad to say.

Charlotte Peters Rock left an annotation ()

My Father, Mr Ralph Winstanley was - according to officially made documents and our experience - deliberately killed in 2004, and we experienced the same treatment from the IPCC and the same contempt by South Yorkshire Police Force, which still - after 10 years - has not issued a crime number or investigated that killing.

Jean James left an annotation ()

Regarding Ms. Shaw's complaint, the public is becoming more and more aware of the abuse of Mental Health laws to silence both victims of crime and whistleblowers alike.

Paul Saunderson left an annotation ()

I see this case has ended up in the hands of Mike Benbow. He is a cover-up specialist "working" on the Hillsborough case at present. Will they ever get justice?

Here's a brief CV:

Mike Benbow, Director of Standards and Quality

Member National Association of Retired Police Officers
Ex-Senior Investigator, Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland 2001-2003
Ex-Police Officer, Dyfed Powys Police 1974 – 2005
Third Son Member of Dyfed Powys Police Special Constabulary, also employed by Dyfed Powys Police in Communications Centre, also First Responder with Welsh Ambulance Service.
Second Son employed by IPCC as Investigations Support Officer

He is closely associated with one Rebecca Reed. She has been in the press frequently. Do see:



Barbara Richards left an annotation ()

Why can't they at the very least say they are sorry, and actually try to do something to put right the wrong they have done and the suffering they caused by these very aggressive and expensive cover up operations? Thats what I find so hard to understand

Ann Mallaby left an annotation ()

I was the victim of an assault in West Yorkshire which the police neglected to record. When my bruises appeared, the police were hostile and intimidating towards me and refused to document my injuries. They insinuated my bruises were self-inflicted. I wrote to Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison, expressing my concern that his officers' negligence and misconduct would prejudice my private prosecution of the offenders, and asking for his assistance. Sir Norman referred the matter to Superintendent Angela Williams who treated it as a complaint. The Professional Standards Department compiled a false report based on lies and hearsay evidence from the police officers which amounted to a character-assassination of me. This false report was, in effect, rubber-stamped by the IPCC who cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. The CPS took over my private prosecutions and discontinued them: successful prosecutions would have shamed the negligent Police. There appears to be a very cosy relationship between the Police, the PSD, the IPCC and the CPS.

Jean James left an annotation ()

Adam Rodriguez (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

I have been treated in the same way by the IPCC, they referred my very serious complaints back to Stafford police who treated me with total contempt and pushed my complaints back under the carpet. And obviously, nothing have happend... Disgrace...

Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee left an annotation ()

I have been treated unfairly by the IPCC and The Metropolitan Police in Ilford, Forest Gate and Hackney.

The Metropolitan Police normally say that it is a Civil Matter, whilst Perjury- Subornation of Perjury under the Perjury Act 1911 is a Criminal Offence which is committed before a Tribunal or before a Court of Law.

There is an Offence under Section 38 of the Public Order Act 1986 Loss of Income and Anxiety.
The High Court and County Court Jurisdiction Order 1991, Statutory Instrument 1991 No 724 is on the Public Domain where any Person can see and View,

There are other Court Officers at Redbridge Magistrates Court who had sent to the Crown Court, some of them had been sentenced to prison, whilst others had been cleared and the case against others had been withdrawn

It isn't for them to decide about the Time Limit had expired, since the Court does have the Power to extend the time even if the Time Limit had expired.

The Solicitors Weightsman LLP they do represent the Metropolitan Police, whilst the Solicitors Indemnity Fund Ltd had instructed them, there was a Judgment given in the Court of Appeal in December 1998, where they had lost, There was a Petition for Leave to Appeal in the House of Lords which had been given, When the Appeal was heard in the House of Lords the Petition was dismissed, where it was ordered that Advocates have no Immunity whether Civil or Criminal Proceedings.

Lord JUSTICE JACKSON QC, He was a Barrister in the Court of Appeal, where He was aware of the decision, but have been directly or Indirectly discriminating Litigants in Persons as He is known to the Barristers at 4 New Square Chambers, and the Directors with Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Ltd.

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