Dear Ministry of Defence,

I purchased the following ex-MOD vessels via Backcock disposals over the years and would appreciate if you could provide me with the complete history that you have for each vessel.

Ideally I am looking for details such as:
- Order and contract details for original purchase by MOD
- Builder & designer details
- Any vessel design plans
- In Service date
- Ship allocation history
- Repair / work history
- Any pictures of these vessels

The vessels I would like these details for are as follows:
- 11m Workboat No. 7730
- 11m Workboat No. 7854
- 8.5m Cheverton No. 8617
- 8.5m Cheverton No. 7680

Yours faithfully,

David Quinn

DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Quinn – please see the attached response from the Ministry of
Defence to your FOI request (FOI2020/01099).

Many thanks


 DE&S Policy Secretariat (Ships) 1 | # 2043 Maple 0a, MOD Abbey Wood,
Bristol, BS34 8JH |






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