Evidence That Dominic Cummings Did Not Breah Lockdown

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Mr Thomas Percival

Dear Prime Minister's Office,

During the Commons Liaison Committee on 27/05/2020, the Prime Minister told Meg Hillier he had seen evidence that the allegations made against Dominic Cummings were false - despite Mr Cummings previously admitting he had indeed drive to Durham and visited Barnard Castle - he said however that he would not share that information with cabinet secretary because "[He] would not be doing [his] job if [he] were to shuffle this problem into the hands of officials."

I request that the Prime Minister make that evidence available to the public so this matter can finally be put to bed.

If he cannot make that evidence available to the public I request to know why he cannot?

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Percival

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Dear Thomas Percival

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Yours sincerely,

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FOI Team Mailbox, Prime Minister's Office

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