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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please provide me with the following documents/files:

Evidence based protocols for the disability analyst Cardiorespiratory (CD latest issue)

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Carzer

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Dear Mr Carzer

Please see your FOI response attached

Kind regards

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B. Adams left an annotation ()

It is interesting to see just how dated their source of information is... just with regards to Hypertension for example...

NICE clinical guideline 2004
The partial update of NICE guidance 2006
Textbook of Medicine 1996.
Journal of Hypertension -Supplement 1999;
Lancet 1990 .. Lancet 1997
British Hypertension Society 1998

The side effects of medication given is an almost total disregard of the problems and of the evidence supplied by the relevant pharmaceutical companies with the medications.. They are so inadequate, as to be almost pathetic and yet this would be the latest protocol used by HCP's.

John Slater left an annotation ()

if you look at the evidence based medicine sites that they say LiMA has links to you will see that they are free (i.e. no subcription required) and some haven't been updated for some time. For example Bandolier hasn't been updated since 2010. Bandolier is a well respected source but relies on unconditional funding from industry, public sector etc. I'm sure that a lot has changed since 2010. I think the other sources are mostly NHS based which doesn't fill me with confidence. The more you look at the EBM sources Atos use the more you realise just how out of date they are. So much for we use the most up to date research!