European Computer Driving Licence provision

David Lord made this Freedom of Information request to Bracknell and Wokingham College

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Dear Bracknell and Wokingham College,

Could you please inform me if the college has ever delivered the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) and if so, which was the last academic year the college delivered this qualification.

I also would like to ask if the college was ever registered as a British Computer Society test centre and if so, when did it cease to be a test centre.

Yours faithfully,

David Lord

Bracknell and Wokingham College

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From: David Lord <[FOI #549112 email]>
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Sent request to Bracknell and Wokingham College again, using a new contact address.

Activate Learning Enquiries, Bracknell and Wokingham College

Dear David,

Thank you for your enquiry. We have forwarded it to our Freedom of
Information Officer who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

They can be contacted at [1][email address] if you wish to add
any information. Alternatively, they will be in contact.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy
to help.

Kind regards
Advice and Admissions

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Bicester College  |  Bracknell and Wokingham College  |  City of Oxford
College  |  Reading College  

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FOI (AL), Bracknell and Wokingham College

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Dear Mr Lord,


Following the Freedom of Information Request made by yourself on 31
January, please find our response attached.


Should you have any further question, please send your response to this
email address.


Kind regards,


Nathan Lagden


A: Oxpens Campus, Oxpens Rd | Oxford | OX1 1SA
E: [email address] | D: 01865 551228
T: 0800 6126008 | [1]

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