Ethnic monitoring of Gypsies and Travellers

The request was partially successful.

Dear Bath and North East Somerset Primary Care Trust (PCT),

Under FOI legislation, could you please provide me with all ethnic monitoring data you have on Gypsies and Travellers health and well being, service use and staff in your PCT?

Could you also provide information detailing whether Gypsies and Travellers are monitored as standard policy in the PCT?

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Brindley

FOI, Bath and North East Somerset Primary Care Trust (PCT)

Thank you for taking the time to email Bath and North East Somerset Primary Care Trust. Your message has been passed on to the Freedom of Information Act Administrator who will reply to you directly. Please be aware that the PCT will keep all correspondence regarding your request to ensure that you receive the most accurate and up to date information we hold. We will communicate with you over email unless you inform us otherwise. If you wish to re-use any information we supply, please write to the FOI Administrator stating the purpose for re-use. If you have any queries regarding the use of your information please do not hesitate to contact us Re-use of Information Information routinely published by the Bath & North East Somerset PCT may be re-used by any individual or organisation. There is no charge for re-use of routinely published information, but in line with the ‘re-use of public sector information regulations (2005)’, we ask that if you do re-use any information that you quote the document title and acknowledge that it was published by this organisation and remains our copyright. If there is specific information you require that is not published, you may make a written request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Regards, B&NES PCT

Glyn Young,


Re: Freedom of Information Enquiry Ref 2189


Thank-you for your email of 17^th January 2012 requesting information
recorded under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 


Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of
this Act. Please note the following response:


|Request |Response |
|Under FOI legislation, could you |Information on ethnicity for staff |
|please provide me with all ethnic |and service users is routinely |
|monitoring data you have on Gypsies |collected. Information that may |
|and Travellers health and well |indicate whether a service user or |
|being, service use and staff in your|member of staff is a traveller or |
|PCT? |gypsy may be recorded within an |
| |individual’s personal file.  This |
|  |information is not routinely and |
| |centrally collected by NHS Bath & |
| |North East Somerset. |
|Could you also provide information |See above response  |
|detailing whether Gypsies and | |
|Travellers are monitored as standard| |
|policy in the PCT? | |


I trust that this information provides you with a suitable response to
your enquiry. If not and you feel that your request has not been
satisfactorily answered, then the Trust has an internal review procedure
for dealing with complaints received under the Freedom of Information Act
2000 whereby your case is presented to the Chairman for an independent
review/decision.  Alternatively, you do have the right to complain to the
Information Commissioners Office after any internal review procedure has
been exhausted. The Information Commissioners Office is an independent
body that enforces the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act
and the Environmental Information regulations. The address of the
Information Commissioner is Information Commissioners Office, Wycliffe
House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,  Cheshire  SK9 5AF


Glyn Young

Information Governance Manager

Sirona Care & Health/NHS Bath & North East Somerset

Telephone: 01225 831763


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