Dear Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust,

I am writing to request information on endotracheal intubation in your trust. Specifically:

- Which staff grades (e.g. EMT, NQP, paramedic, CCP, Dr, etc) are allowed to intubate, as a core skill of their clinical grade?

- Which staff roles (e.g. frontline paramedic, HART paramedic, managers, BASICS, etc) are allowed to intubate, as a core skill in their role?

- What are the requirements for individual clinicians to demonstrate and maintain competency in intubation?

- Does the trust plan to expand (or remove) intubation to further grades/roles in the trust?

- Do trust paramedics perform needle cricothyroidotomy?

Yours faithfully,

Bob Smith

FOI AMB (Welsh Ambulance Service - Corporate Services), Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Dear Bob Smith,

Your request for information has been received and will now be processed by the Trust.

Your reference is: 6422


Jeff Prescott

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Caroline Jones (Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust - 020 Corporate Services Department HQ), Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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Dear Mr Smith,

Please find attached the response to your FOI request.


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