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Dear Advertising Standards Authority,

Could you please let me know that if an advertiser is offering something for sale on a website then if the advertiser claims that a person could make £9000 - £12000 each and every month then has the advertiser got to back up those claims with factual evidence or can they just estimate that a person can make this kind of money each month.

Also if an advertiser is offering an added incentive for free when a person buys a system or course then would that free added incentive have to conform to the same advertising rules as the actual product for sale has to.

Yours faithfully,

Mark McNamara

Enquiries, Advertising Standards Authority

Dear Mark

Further to your queries, an ad claim such as the one you have outlined would be judged on its individual merits and in context.

But our advertising rules require advertisers to hold documentary evidence to back up claims that are capable of objective substantiation. So it is likely that we would expect an advertiser making these kinds of earning claims to be able to prove them. If the claim was based on estimated earnings the advertiser would still need to be able to substantiate those figures.

In terms of the added incentive, claims made about it in the ad would still have to abide by the advertising rules.

Kind regards

Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson
Senior Media Relations Officer
Direct line 020 7492 2122

Advertising Standards Authority
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