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paul elliott made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Could you please tell me how many people used malnutrition as a reason(primary or secondary) for claiming ESA over the past 5 years. And also had any of these people been sanctioned in the 12 months prior to using the above reason.

Yours faithfully,

paul elliott

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Dear Paul Elliot,
Please see the attached letter regarding your Freedom of Information
Thank you.
IGS Freedom of Information Team

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GEOFFREY REYNOLDS (Account suspended) left an annotation ()


12 April 2013

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
Today i read a story that would shock anybody in the civilised

I state "civilised" because i, like many others, believe the UK ,
has moved away from even the lowest standards acceptable.

With reference to the link above.
The link features a 30 year old woman who is in a wheelchair.
She cannot walk or talk, has profound multiple learning
difficulties, brain damage,cerebral palsy and throws faeces.
Having a mental age estimated at three, she was however examined
by ATOS and found to be fit for work......

I expect you to reply to say that you cannot comment on individual
cases. This case is not the focus of my one and only question to
your department, the DWP.

My question is simple,

How did the software and the opinion of, a so called HCP
professional, ever get past the primary stages that would allow
this heinous travesty of justice?
Words fail me. You have plunged to another all time low.

Yours faithfully, GEOFFREY REYNOLDS

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