Errors in the 2019 Secondary Transfer Test

Buckinghamshire County Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Buckinghamshire County Council,

I would be most grateful if you could provide the following information.

The time that you were informed that there were errors in the 2019 secondary transfer test, and also if possible the details of the communication, for example emails.

For each primary school (testing centre):
i) The time that you informed them there were errors in the test
ii) The instructions given to them
iii) The time that you received acknowledgement from the school, including any bounces due to your use of incorrect/outdated email addresses.

Very many thanks,

Neal Skipper

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Freedom of Information Mailbox, Buckinghamshire County Council

Dear Mr Skipper


Thank you for contacting Buckinghamshire County Council.

This is to confirm that we have reviewed your request but we are unclear what is the information that you require from the Council (under FOIA), as we believe this request may have been misdirected.

As you are aware, the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools are all academies and their own admissions authorities and they are, therefore, responsible for the transfer test and selection review/appeal process. We administer the process on behalf of The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS) but do not then ‘hold’ this information for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. Therefore, requests about the test/selection reviews/appeals would need to be directed to TBGS (

Accordingly, where we hold information, as administrator, on behalf of TBGS (as would appear to be the case in relation to this request), requests for this information would need to be directed to TBGS and not the Council.

If you have any further queries or information needs then please contact us.

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Neil Doling

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