Equivalent Conversion of Grades for Medicine Entry

Nivea Vaz made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary University of London

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The request was successful.

Dear Queen Mary, University of London,

I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, regarding your A100 programmes, for the current year, if possible:

Q1) What are the minimum offers for a CBSE student for A-levels for 2019 entry?

Q2)How many international students were for the admissions cycle of 2018-2019 who were from India?

Q3)What are the CBSE grade 10 equivalent qualifations for GCSE required (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)?( Conversion of A-level to CBSE grade 12 and conversion of GCSE to CBSE grade 10).

Q4) What is the minimum time duration work experience for Medicine required?

Q5)How much of importance is given towards extracurricular activities such football i.e., high , medium or low?

Q6) Is it mandatory to get a statement of comparability for UK NARIC for Grade 10 and Grade 12?

Q7)What is the minimum Ukcat score required for 2018 entry to A100 medicine?

Q8)Are the questions asked during medical interviews complicated?

Q9) If a student from CBSE based exam has done subjects like English and Physical Education with Physics, Chemistry and Biology are those two subjects also taken into account along with the other three?

Yours faithfully,
Nivea Vaz

Queen Mary, University of London FOI, Queen Mary University of London

We acknowledge receipt of your request and will respond as soon as we can.

QM FOI Enquiries, Queen Mary University of London

FOI 2018/F310


Dear Nivea Vaz,


Thank you for your email of 22^nd August.


I am pleased to provide the following information in response.


1. Indian Qualifications. Central Boards  (CBSE, ISC) and West Bengal
Board 90 per cent Standard XII including Biology and Chemistry with 90 per
cent in these and Standard X 85 per cent in Biology, Chemistry, English
and Maths.

2. Nil

3. Nil

4. There is no minimum period for this. However we strongly recommend that
candidates have explored what a career in medicine entails and that this
is reinforced by work experience in a health setting or care home.

5. Unspecified but generally low.

6. No

7. 2331

8. This is asking for an opinion, rather than recorded information.

9. We only focus on the subjects as per our entry requirement.


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review of this decision.  To do this, please contact the College in
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request, explain your grounds for dissatisfaction, and include an address
for correspondence.  You have 40 working days from receipt of this
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Commissioner to intervene. Please see [1]www.ico.org.uk for details.

Yours sincerely

Sushma Patel for :


Paul Smallcombe

Records & Information Compliance Manager


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