Thomas William Toolan

Dear Essex Police,

I refer to the above missing persons report (EP-2019-07-21-1043: Braintree Police Station. I require a copy of the Police report relating to the "Health Check" undertaken by the Polish Police at the request of Interpol. I do not need to know the location of the premises as I believe this is the home of Edyta Sonta the mother of my daughter Rhian Francesca Toolan:
Proszenie 84
97 - 320

My request is very urgent as I require a copy of the Polish Police Officers findings in respect of my daughter as this is required for a High Court hearing taking place on October 3rd 2019.

As I have not requested any sensitive information I am hoping that there are no issues in providing me with a copy of the Essex Police report and a copy of the Polish Police report and anything Interpol provided.

I can provide identification if necessary and I am content to pick-up any reports from a designated Police station in and or around the Witham, Essex area.

My contact details are:

Tom Toolan

Mobile: 07782250558

e mail: [email address]

Kind regards and very best wishes

Tom Toolan

Info Rights Essex, Essex Police

Mr. Toolan,

Please firstly accept my apologies for the non-responses in respect of this request. Due to the passage of time this matter may have been resolved and yu may have already received a satisfactory response from within Essex Police.

This department can provide information in respect of your personal data only and this is facilitated by means of a 'Rights of Access' request by completion of an A95 form available on the Essex Police website. If you are applying for information on your daughter we would need evidence that you have parental responsibility for such a disclosure under 'Rights of Access'.

We are not furnished with the detail regarding the purposes of your request, if however, details are required for safeguarding please advise further and we may divert the request to another department in Essex Police.

Kind Regards

Senior Information Officer | Information Rights Section | Information Management | Essex Police
Telephone 01245 452647 or 101
Address: Information Management, Information Rights, Essex Police HQ, PO Box 2, Chelmsford CM2 6DA (for Sat Nav directions, use CM2 6DN for HQ)

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