Environmental Crime Processing Systems (West Midlands)

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear Worcester City Council,

What software do you use for Environmental Crime Enforcement (Issue and processing of fixed penalty notices)?

When does the current contract with the software supplier end?

Yours faithfully,

Bobby Lightfoot

Strategy, Worcester City Council

Good afternoon


I am writing in response to a Freedom of Information request that you
submitted to Worcester City Council via the What Do They Know website. It
has recently come to the attention of the Council that a number of email
requests submitted to us have not been received.


This issue has been investigated and rectified. However we are now aware
that a number of historic requests on What Do They Know have unfortunately
gone unanswered due to this issue.


Please accept our sincerest apologies that we have not responded to your
request, and for the significant period of time that has elapsed between
you submitting the request and us becoming aware of this problem. We
understand that the information you requested may no longer be of value to
you, however should you still wish to request this information or submit a
different request, you can do so using our webform which is available via
the link below:




Worcester City Council takes its responsibilities under the Freedom of
information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations very
seriously, and strives to respond to any requests made under this
legislation within the statutory timescales. Please be assured that your
experience in this case is not reflective of the Council’s attitude
towards access to information and transparency, and any future requests
that you submit to us will be responded to appropriately and promptly.


Yours sincerely


Worcester City Council








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