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Dear Home Office,

I am a UK citizen with a UK passport. When entering the UK with a non-EU spouse, is my spouse entitled to join me in the EU queue, or do we have to join the non-EU queue in order not to be separated. Is there a UK-wide policy on this, or is it at the discretion of the Border Force at any given airport?

Yours faithfully,

P Chadwick

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Dear P Chadwick,


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Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your enquiry.


Queues at the border are divided into two groups: EU/EEA nationals and non
EU/EEA nationals because the legislation that governs the entry/ admission
of both categories is different.


British citizens and nationals of the EU/EEA are required to satisfy a
Border Force officer as to their nationality and identity.  All other
passengers, including returning residents, will additionally have to have
their leave entitlement assessed in accordance with the Immigration Rules
on each arrival in the UK.


Queue management at UK passport control is the responsibily of local
Border Force duty mangers who role is to assess passengers flows and
allocate staff resources to the differnt queue option with a view to
expediditing the clesarance of passengers whilst maintaing the security of
the border. If travelling with your non-EEA spouse there is no reason, in
principle, why you should not clear UK passsport control together bearing
in mind that the local duty officer may use their descretion to determine






The Duty Officer

Border Force National Immigration & Customs Enquiries (BF NICE)


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