enquiry relating to code 50 PCNs for contravention at Derby Road/London Road junction

Currently waiting for a response from Croydon Borough Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Croydon Borough Council,

I wish to make an FOI enquiry concerning the ‘no right turn’ signage in Derby Road leading up to the junction with London Road, with particular regard to motorists contravening this signage as recorded by the camera (mounted at the east end of the pedestrian crossing leading up the junction) and the number of resulting PCNs issued.

My enquiry is in 2 parts as follows:

(i) The painted white arrow on the road surface immediately in front of the junction as one joins London Road, which indicates ‘turn left only’ has been degraded (i.e. has been taken out of operation) - when did this degradation of the white arrow occur?

(ii) Please provide the number of code 50 PCNs issued during the 36 months BEFORE and the 36 months AFTER the degradation occurred.

Please allow me to thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully, Hector Paterson (16th October 2020)

Croydon Council, Croydon Borough Council

FOI/EIR request
Our reference: 2669464

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