Enquiry into the business dealings of DARREN KIRK ALLISON (MD of Clearwater Collection Ltd)

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Yorkshire Forward should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Yorkshire Forward,

I would like all information (including meeting minutes, salaries of YFM appointed directors, and any other records) relating to the running of and eventual divestment of shares in Clearwater Collection Ltd.

The Managing Director of Clearwater Collection Ltd was Darren Allison, his wife Pam Allison was the Export Manager, Stephen Hemmingway was the Chief Accountant, and Karim Laki (who ran a subsidiary business which Pam Allison was Director of with unusual roots to Clearwater) was the Buyer.

Miles Stanyard and Val Jenkins were the appointed directors (from Yorkshire Forward) and Ann Blanden was involved in some senior role as well.

I believe significant fraud took place at this company for which considerable evidence was available and remains available. I would be grateful for information relating to how Yorkshire Forward managed the whistle blowing process when they were alerted to rampant fraud in the company which ultimately led to it's demise, costing 100 jobs in Bradford. Yorkshire Forward had an opportunity to save the company, why was that opportunity not taken?

Yours faithfully,

Tanya Smith