Enhanced Biodiversity Duty for Public Bodies

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Dear Manchester City Council,

The government has issued guidance about the enhanced biodiversity duty for public authorities (introduced by the Environment Act 2021), Complying with the biodiversity duty, which states that Local Authorities must "complete your first consideration of what action to take for biodiversity by 1 January 2024. You must agree your policies and objectives as soon as possible after this".

Given the short timescale for this first requirement, please can you confirm the following:

- Who will be the officer leading this work in your Authority?
- How has the Authority been preparing for this requirement?
- What information will be used to determine the baseline?
- What is the programme of work to meet the government's requirements expected to include?
- How will communities be engaged in the programme of work?
- How will communities be kept informed about progress?

Yours faithfully,

Susan Sollazzi

foi@manchester.gov.uk, Manchester City Council

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Enhanced Biodiversity Duty

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foi@manchester.gov.uk, Manchester City Council

Date: 22/06/2023


Dear Susan Sollazzi


Re: Request for Information – Enhanced Biodiversity Duty – Reference
Number: FOI/9921


Thank you for your request for information, which was received by
Manchester City Council on 29/05/2023 and has been considered under the
provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (“the EIR”).


In response to your request please see the answers provided below:

 1. Who will be the officer leading this work in your Authority?

• No specific officer has been assigned a lead role as we are
currently reviewing how we encompass this duty within our
existing service.

 2. How has the Authority been preparing for this requirement?

• We already undertake a significant body of work around
biodiversity including recently updating the City Council’s
Biodiversity Strategy alongside work on Green Infrastructure.

 3. What information will be used to determine the baseline?

• We possess data both within the City Council and work with
partners across a biodiversity partnership. Baseline data has
informed our current Biodiversity Strategy. We work closely with
the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (GMEU) with respect to
various aspects including Biodiversity Net Gain and the GM Local
Nature Recovery Strategy.

 4. What is the programme of work to meet the government's requirements
expected to include?

• We will be considering what programme of work we need to address
alongside existing actions we set out in the Biodiversity

 5. How will communities be engaged in the programme of work?

• Consultation is required on the emerging LNRS which will directly
link into the Biodiversity Duty. We also work with a  range of
stakeholders across out work on biodiversity and Green
Infrastructure as noted above.

 6. How will communities be kept informed about progress?

• Communities will be involved either through the stakeholder
networks we already have and there will be opportunities to input
into relevant workstreams at the appropriate times.


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Yours sincerely


Andrew Hynes

Information, Delivery and Support Team Manager

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