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Dear Peterhouse, Cambridge,

For the current UCAS cycle, I would like to have the following data with respect to applicants who had applied for engineering :

1. Achieved/Predicted Scores of applicants
2. If they were a home, EU or international student
3. Subjects taken by the applicants
4. Their ENGAA scores (seperated into raws and reported scored for section 1A,1B and 2)
6. Their interview scores
7. If they were admitted, rejected or pooled. Do list if the pooled application was successful and the college which admitted them.

I would appreciate it if I can get the information by the 20th of April, if at all possible.

Yours faithfully,

Karthik Ram

Liz Wake, Peterhouse, Cambridge

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Dear Karthik


In response to your FOI request, the Admissions Office has kindly prepared
the table attached which I trust gives you the information you required..


Yours sincerely


Liz Wake


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