Mr D Cameron made this Freedom of Information request to British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

Please could you kindly answer the following questions.

1. I have just purchased a mobile phone which has the "ability" to view live television, this is not an application that can be removed from my new mobile smart phone, i have chosen NOT to view and programs as they are being broadcast, however as the new phone has the "ability" to view them am i required to purchase a tv license?

2. Due to my religion which i am not prepared to share with you at this point ( i will tell you in person as people may simply quote my religion to avoid such problems) i am forbidden to watch television, am i required by law to co-operate with a licensing investigation into my property?

3. Am i required by law to allow any persons representing the the BBC or TV Licensing into my property?

4. Am i required by law to "prove" that i do not watch live broadcasted programs in my own home?

Please note - i am unclear from the current legislation and all information available to me as to my position and responsibilty, i have in order to avoid breaking the law decided to ask the "qualified professional" ie you. I will see refusal to answer my questions as confirmation that :

1. I do not require a TV license for my mobile phone.

2. I am NOT required by law to allow entry to any persons representing the bbc or any third party seeking to establish if a tv license is required at my property.

3. I am NOT required by law to prove i own any equipment used for viewing broadcasted programs.

Yours faithfully,

Mr D Cameron

Peter Jones left an annotation ()

Mr Cameron,

These answers are already well known. If you haven't done already I suggest you download our free ebook on the issue of TV Licensing: http://tv-licensing.blogspot.co.uk/p/fre...


1. Ownership of any sort of equipment DOES NOT require a TV licence. It is the act of using that equipment to watch/record TV programme services (those available over the airwaves to others at the same time) that is licensable.

2. No-one, FACT, is under any legal obligation to cooperate with TV Licensing's Mickey Mouse threats of investigation. Anyone who doesn't require a TV licence can choose to ignore all TV Licensing correspondence.

3. Not unless they have a search warrant, which they won't unless they have credible evidence that an offence is being committed at your property. They won't have this evidence. Search warrants, just like detection, is something the BBC like to "big up", but are extremely rare in reality.

We're not qualified legal professionals, but a quick glance at our blog will confirm that we know a lot on this subject. We regularly use the FOIA to nail the BBC on finer points on TV licence law.

FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

Dear Mr Cameron,

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, as detailed in your email below. Your request was received on 30th November 2012. We will deal with your request as promptly as possible, and at the latest within 20 working days. If you have any queries about your request, please contact us at the address below.

The reference number for your request is RFI20121427.

Kind regards

The Information Policy & Compliance Team

BBC Freedom of Information
BC2 B6, Broadcast Centre
201 Wood Lane
London W12 7TP

Email: [BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2882
Fax: 020 8008 2398

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FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear Mr Cameron


Please find attached the response to your request for information,
reference RFI20121427



Yours sincerely

Nicolette Myrie


BBC Information Policy and Compliance

BC2B6, Broadcast Centre

201 Wood Lane

London W12 7TP, UK


Website: [1]www.bbc.co.uk/foi

Email: [2]mailto:[BBC request email]

Tel: 020 8008 2883

Fax: 020 8008 2398





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Peter Jones left an annotation ()

The BBC has confirmed the content of my earlier annotation. Significantly no TV licence is needed merely because you own/possess equipment capable of watching TV programmes.

It is the actual act of using that equipment to watch TV programmes that is licensable.

You do not need a TV licence to use a TV set to watch pre-recorded DVDs, play video games, watch non-live iPlayer content, listen to radio etc.

More more of TV Licensing's favourite PR myths dispelled on our blog: http://tv-licensing.blogspot.co.uk

doyle williams left an annotation ()

I see tha vile woman at the BBC had to slip in the threat of a maximum £1000 fine.