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Dear Enfield Council,

Processes within the commissioning team:
1. Can you explain your commissioning process for private residential adult with learning disabilities care providers?
2. Do you operate an approved provider’s list of private residential care providers?
3. If so, how many providers are currently on this list?
4. Is the list closed, and if yes for how long?
5. Do you operate competitive tendering when introducing new organisations in the council’s procurement?
6. How can a private residential care home provider approach the council when wishing to introduce their service?
7. Who should be approached within the council to discuss referrals, rates, and commissioning?
8. Once a service is established how is this service promoted in the council?
Current services in place:
9. How many Adults with learning difficulties care homes does the council operate?
10. How many Adults with learning difficulties are placed in care homes that you operate?
11. How many Adults with learning difficulties are placed with private residential care providers?
12. What is the average weekly cost of placing an adult with learning disabilities in a care home you operate?
13. What is the average weekly cost of placing an adult with learning disabilities in a private care home including lowest and highest amount based on their needs?
14. What is the average size of the care homes you place adults with learning disabilities in (i.e. how many adults can they accommodate)?
15. What is the average distance adults with learning disabilities are a placed from their home?
16. Do you make more referrals to short stay residential placements or long-term residential placements for adults with learning disabilities?
17. When an adult with learning disabilities is referred do we have a contract for a set period of time?
18. How much do you charge private care homes per adult with learning disabilities for emergency referrals (maximum and minimum prices) and how much notice is the home given before an adult is placed?
19. Is there more of a need for more short-term placements or long-term placements for adults with learning disabilities?
20. What is the process for local authorities when making a referral to a private care home?
21. Do local authorities negotiate or have set rate or prices based on an adult's with learning disabilities needs?
22. Do rates vary depending on need/ behavioural problems?
23. Once established as a provider how will the organisation be promoted within the council?
24 What are the areas that local authorities feel need more service provision in?
25. What other services in the council refer adults with learning disabilities to homes?
26. How long do adults with learning disabilities stay in emergency short stay placements on average?

Yours faithfully,

Everton Wynter

complaintsandinformation, Enfield Council

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complaintsandinformation, Enfield Council

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