Encryption proposals to OFCOM

The request was partially successful.

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

On the 3rd of September the BBC issued an enquiry to OFCOM with regards to encrypting/compressing certain parts of the HD free to air data stream. This did not include an analysis of why it was in the public interest (as required by the charter for market distorting activities)

The consultation also stated that the BBC had indicated that "third party content owners are seeking to ensure that reception equipment will implement the content
management (copy protection) arrangements found in the DTG D-Book'

In order to understand what the BBC is up to and whether it is fulfilling its rôle properly please provide the following.

- A list of the organisations that indicated to the BBC an interest in DTG D-Book copy protection.

- A list of the content providing and receiver hardware/software producers the BBC held discussions with on this matter.

- A list of standards bodies (such as the DTLA) whom the BBC held discussions with.

- The missing public interest test analysis (the final summary for management is sufficient), or confirmation that one was not performed.

In order to keep this simple and easy to handle I am *not* requesting any minutes of or copies of any emails/meetings, merely the names of the bodies (although if the BBC feels minutes would shed more light on the matter and has them to hand feel free to include them). The names are sufficient for the moment.

You may also exclude from the list any informal contacts with content and receiver organisations (eg individual non BBC management initiated emails), and just list those in which management specifically decided to hold discussions or meetings with at a formal level

Yours faithfully,

Alan Cox

Cathy Turner, British Broadcasting Corporation

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FOI Enquiries, British Broadcasting Corporation

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Dear Mr Cox,

Please find attached the response to your request for information under
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Kind regards,

Rachael Ward
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