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margaret made this Freedom of Information request to Nottingham City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Nottingham City Council, how long are records kept for staff after they have left the dept they worked for? in this i mean left the employment of the Nottingham City Council. [any dept] list separatly if they are different.

Yours faithfully,

margaret owen

Information Governance, Nottingham City Council

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Dear Madam,

Please find attached the response to your request.


Glenn E. Estes
Information Governance Case Adminstrator
Information Governance
1st Floor, Loxley House
Station Street

Telephone: 0115 876 3855

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margaret left an annotation ()

This information was a lot to digest. Basically they keep for 6 years. Yet a question I recently asked gave the excuse that 'The School had been deestablished' It didn't. The rental of the building was not renewed. The dept moved to another 'temp' school. So, someone is not being fully informed or 'where are the records'
margaret owen