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Dear Liverpool City Council,

1. Please could you provide a copy of the council's policy or policies relating to employee leave entitlements.

2. What was the date of the last review/update, and what did the changes consist of?

Yours faithfully,

Abi Broom

Liverpool City Council

Dear Abi Broom
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Thank you for your request for information that was received on 14 August
2019 concerning Dear Liverpool City Council,

1. Please could you provide a copy of the council's policy or policies
relating to employee leave entitlements.

2. What was the date of the last review/update, and what did the changes
consist of?

Yours faithfully,

Abi Broom...
We are dealing with your request under the Freedom of Information Act
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the case and advise you of your rights to request an internal review and
to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.
We will also advise you if we cannot provide you with the information
requested for any other reason together with the reason(s) why and details
of how you may appeal (if appropriate).
Yours faithfully
Information Team
Liverpool City Council
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Dear Liverpool City Council,

You have not yet responded to my FOI request of 14 August 2019 and the 20 working day timescale set out by law has now passed. Can you please let me know the reason for the delay, and when you plan to provide the information I requested?

Yours sincerely,

Abi Broom

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Ms Broom


Please see attached our response to your information request as submitted
to Liverpool City Council.




Information Team


Information Requests

Liverpool City Council

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Dear Information Requests,

Thank you for this response. Perhaps I should have been clearer in my initial request, but I am seeking policies on all types of leave, not just annual/contractual - that would include sick leave, the various forms of parental leave, unpaid leave, and any other provision the council has for employees taking time away from work.

Please could you also provide these?

Yours sincerely,

Abi Broom

Noone, Jan, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Abi


Further to your follow up request please find attached policies on:

·        Additional Leave

·        Adoption Leave

·        Volunteering Leave

·        Leave of Absence for Public and Other Duties

·        Maternity and Paternity

·        Shared Parental Leave


There are no specific policies on sick leave or special/emergency leave
however the following guidance is on the intranet outlining staff

Sickness entitlement

The table below shows your entitlement to full pay and ½ pay allowance,
based on length of service. For this purpose Sundays and Bank Holidays are

Please note, absences due to industrial disease or accident are treated
separately for this purpose.

Length of service Full pay Half pay
Up to 4 months service 26 days 0
Between 4 months and 1 year of service 26 days 52 days
Between 1 and 2 years service 52 days 52 days
Between 2 and 3 years service 104 days 104 days
Between 3 and 5 years service 130 days 130 days
After 5 years of service 156 days 156 days

The period during which the allowance is paid in respect of any period of
absence is calculated by deducting any periods of paid sickness absence
during the previous 12 months prior to the first day of this absence from
your entitlement.

If you're entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP), this will be paid in
conjunction with any occupational entitlement. Your SSP may be offset
against your occupational sick pay in order that you do not receive more
than full pay.


Special and emergency leave

All requests for special and emergency leave must be submitted using the
special and emergency leave form.

Special leave

If you suffer the bereavement of a close family member or if a close
family member is critically ill, you may need to take time off work to
make essential arrangements. In such circumstances, you can apply for
Special Leave.

For the purposes of special leave, 'close family' means a member of the
immediate family (mother, father, partner, sister, brother, daughter,

Special Leave is additional time off of up to five days per year.

Additional provisions for special leave

If you are a Magistrate, School Governor or Elected Member of another
local authority, or if you are a member of the non-regular forces, you may
apply for additional time off. Please read the Leave of Absence for Public
Duties and Other Policy.

Statutory emergency leave

You are allowed a reasonable amount of unpaid leave to deal with family
emergencies, such as the need to make arrangements for the care of a child
or other dependent who has been taken ill unexpectedly.

The amount of time allowed in such circumstances would be only for the
time taken to deal with the initial emergency.

Foster carer leave

If you are a foster carer or are applying to become a foster carer, you
can apply for up to five days paid special leave per year.

Approval of this leave will be subject to operational requirements and you
will need to provide evidence of your attendance at such assessments,
training and foster care related meetings.


Kind regards,


Jan Noone I Business Support Officer
Liverpool City Council I Cunard Building I Water Street I Liverpool I L3
T: 0151 233 0356 I E: [1][email address]



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