Dear Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

Please see below for my request for information regarding your organisations use of Employee Health and Well-being Programmes:

1. What was the total cost of employee health and well being programmes to the organisation in 18/19?

2. Does the organisation have a central online portal to access all information on employee health and well being programmes/initiatives? (For example the organisation SharePoint. If so, please state what is available:

3. Please provide details for all employee health and wellbeing programmes offered by the organisation to provide staff with health and wellbeing benefits, reduce sickness absence and improve staff retention including:
A) Name of the programme
B) Type of programme? (e.g. EAP counselling, stress awareness, Apps, salary sacrifice etc)
C) What is the main priority/benefit area of the programme? (e.g. staff retention, reduce sickness absence etc)
D) Please provide the job title of the executive/lead sponsor of the programme
E) What was the annual cost to the organisation for providing the programme in 18/19?
i) in-house cost (internal administration)
ii) External costs (license fees, 3rd party contract costs)
F) Please provide detail of any costs to the employee to engage with the wellbeing programme in 18/19:
G) Has the organisation seen any ROI by using the well being programme?
H) is the well being programme provided/supported by a 3rd party provider? If so, please state the name of said provider
I) Please provide a description of services provided by the 3rd party provider, including details of where the programme is supported by an app/technology
J) Please provide the contract start and end dates for the 3rd party provider

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully,

James Allen


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